Startup of dust cleaning system

   JSC “ArcelorMittal Temirtau” in order to implement environmental programs set up a project aimed to minimize the environmental hazard by construction of filtration system in the Lime Shop.

   For the construction of this complex the largest construction organization of Temirtau were involved. LLP “TemirtauElektroMontazh” committed itself to the development of design documentation of the power supply, supply of materials and equipment, as well as the implementation and commissioning works. Since the signing of the contract until the end of the work the short time period has passed. During this time, due to concerted action of qualified personnel it has been made possible to timely develop the project documentation. Various technical solutions have been offered by specialists of the project team Ayupov A.F., Sadovskiy P.V., Abdrashitova O.A, forming part of the industrial engineering department under the leadership of Markin V.A.

Tt2   According to the developed documentation all the necessary electrical and metal products have been made on the base of its own procuring plant. All their knowledge and power mechanics and welders invested in this work under the supervision of the Chief Assembly and Blanking area Kolomoits A.V.

   Electrical installation works have been carried out by teams of installers under the supervision of foreman Kosov A.S., Yuferov A.V., Nazarov Y.N. and Masters Shpagin V.Y., Tihnenko A.A. After completion of installation work the adjusters-engineers of the adjusting and startup area Kuznetsov V.K., Maslennikov S.Y. under the supervision of section Chief Vorozheikin S.V. executed commissioning works, using the up-to-date equipment certified for use in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

   IMG_4224The result of teamwork and ability to organize in a short time during the challenging economic environment has become a ceremonial startup of dust cleaning system for rotary kiln number 3 Lime Shop JSC « ArсelorMittal Temirtau».

   It is noteworthy that by participation in environmental programs LLP “TemirtauElektroMontazh” helps to improve the environmental situation of hometown Temirtau, which of course would be beneficial for the physical and psychological health of the citizens.

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