Advanced training of workers

   Professional development of workers and engineer and technical personnel of our company is practically continuous process.

   Management considers the cost of training as an investment in fixed assets, which allow using more effectively the latest technology, to deepen comprehensive technical and professional knowledge, skills, professional mobility of workers, to motivate employees to further develop and to achieve results.

4   In the period from October, 21, 2013 to November, 13 , 2013 on the basis of the enterprise LLP «Kazcentrelectroprovod» the workers of LLP “TemirtauElektroMontazh” were trained to skills of  practical installation of power sockets for a voltage of 10 kV on all types of cable. The training was conducted by qualified technologists in equipped training workshops, and this allowed to electricians, installers of automatic monitoring equipment, regulation and control to practice the skills in assembling of following couplings:

  • ГНСК8
  • eks-10 СКаТ-СЛ-М
  • eks-10 СКаТ-3-70/120-СЛ-М
  • rek-10 КнТК- 3-70/120СЛ-М
  • eks-1H-14-0,75/1,5-A-PL
  • rek-1H-14-0,75/1,5-A-FU

as well as the theoretical material was worked out, and that was reflected in the high results of final testing obtained knowledge.

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