Reconstruction of substations

   In order to improve reliability and uninterruptible power supply of socially significant objects of Temirtau, LLP “PowerNetworks” realizes the complex of works on the reconstruction of current step down substations.

   Recunstruction has touched such substations as «West», «South» and «KMS».

   LLP “TemirtauElektroMontazh” was hired as an executor to perform these activities.

   In 2012 the foundations of transformers and oil pipelines system  were replaced at substations “South” and “West”. In the current 2013 olddated disconnectors at substation «KMS» were replaced to advaced and reliable type of dissconnectors РГП-СЭЩ-2-II-110/1250.

   This work was performed in the shortest possible time, individual tests have been produced and installed equipment have been put into operation. At these objects installation personnel of elerctric area №2 worked under supervision of Kosov A.S. and Shpagin V.Y. Responsible work manufacturer was the site chief Chelnokov B.A.

   Before the end of 2013 the task of LLP “TemirtauElektroMontazh” is – to perform a set of measures to replace the vacuum switches and strengthen the main distribution bus at substations “South” and “West.”

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