Date of foundation of Temirtau assembly department was January 25, 1949. Since April 25, 1956 “Kazelektromontazh is in the System of the Trust.” Currently the company is a limited liability partnership “TemirtauElektroMontazh” which was registered in 19.04.2005, registration certificate number is 141-1930-12-LLP Temirtau Department of Justice.

   The main type of work (services) in the field of architecture, municipal engineering and building activity is the implementation of wiring and commissioning work, production of electrical products for the needs of all sectors of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

   Over the years the team of erection electricians closely with teams of design, construction organizations built large giants and unique complexes in all areas of industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including JSC “ArcelorMittal Temirtau”.

   Currently LLP “TemirtauElektroMontazh” is a specialized electric-installation organization with the industrial base, qualified staff workers and engineering personnel capable of carrying out electrical installation and commissioning works of any complexity, to make high quality electrical products in the shortest time and at the appropriate technical level.

   LLP “TemirtauElektroMontazh” operates in accordance with standards of ISO 9001:2001 and OHSAS 2008, embedded in the company since 2005.

   LLP “TemirtauElektroMontazh” is a consumer oriented company. Efforts of the company management and employees are focused on satisfaction of customer needs in the delivery, erection and commissioning of electrical equipment of any complexity.

   The key factor in achieving the high level of performance of objective aims set before the company is highly qualified staff able to make the right technical decisions and optimally build a manufacturing process.