Commissioning Area

List of services of Commissioning Area, LLP «TemirtauElectroMontazh»

Test of:

  • insulation of electric generating equipment by overvoltage industrial frequency up to 40kV,
  • insulation of electric generating equipment by inverted current up to 60kV,
  • test of protection facilities.

Testing and Commissioning of:

  • Relay Protection and Automatic Equipment,
  • circuit breakers (oil, vacuum), disconnect switchers, isolating switchers and short-circuiters by  voltage up to 35kV.

Measurement of:

  • insulation resistance of cable lines, windings of electrical machines and other electrical equipment,
  • earth loop and phase neutral impedance and calculation of short-circuit current,
  • current-spreading resistance of earthing devices and ground resistivity.

Adjustment of:

  • frequency and thyristor converters,
  • travelling, bridge and column cranes with relay contactor combination and with control circuit on microprocessor technology,
  • soft  starters of motors,
  • diode rectifiers,
  • condenser units and reactive power compensation devices,
  • electrical equipment of gas-insulated circuit breaker110 kV,
  • automatic-transfer schemes of electric motors and transformers.

Checking and testing:

  • power dry and oil-filled power transformers and autotransformers,
  • measuring current and voltage transformers,
  •  electric AC and DC up to and exceeding 1000V.

Checking and loading of:

– automatic circuit breakers.