Assembly Preparation Area

List of services of Assembly preparation Area, LLP «TemirtauElectroMontazh»

Manufacturing of:

  • cable support systems, such as brackets for the tray (shelves, racks),
  • cable trays, depending on the installed cable, the geometry of the cable routes and environmental conditions: perforated or imperforated, ladder-type (NL), with and without lids, corners, bends and branches to them,
  • junction boxes, pull boxes, cable conduits,
  • power cabinets and pull boxes,
  • fasteners for cables, wires, pipes,
  • brackets, hangers for lighting,
  • transformer substations, high voltage panels and cells,
  • trolls, trolley brackets, trolley holders for crane,
  • crane panels,
  • metal structures and non-standard products according to the drawings.