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The right choice – life-work

Konushkin-A.G.   Today it is rarely to find a person with such respectable working luggage in production sphere. Time changes, as well as people, businesses, their structures, new technologies are implemented. The permanent and main criteria in the evaluation of specialist always have been his experience and knowledge of the case.  That is what colleagues and the company management very much appreciate in Konushkin Anatoly Grigoryevich. More than half a century, namely 55 years he worked in Electrical installation section and devoted his strength and knowledge to profession, he chose in the youth and for that many thanks to him. The personal file of Anatoly Grigoryevich is not only his working biography but also the history of LLP «TemirtauElectroMontazh».

   Anatoly Grigoryevich began his career in Temirtau Installation Administration of Kazelectromontazh. He was hired as a laborer of second class rate. It happened exactly 55 years ago – November 28, 1958. Curiosity, interest to his chosen profession, irrepressible energy and responsibility allowed him to penetrate rapidly into the production process. Climbing by corporate ladder began from 1959. At that time Anatoly Grigoryevich passed attestation exams and got third rate of electrician. But already in 1976, 01 October he deservedly got sixth rank of electrician of Electrical Power Networks and electrical equipment. Currently Anatoly passes his experience to young specialists of the company. Each work to be carried out by electrical assembly site doesn’t go without discussion, in which he doesn’t take part as one of the most skilled specialist. His knowledge and advice – are priceless, and the wisdom and good sense of humor – are endless. «A goldmine of information, a walking library»- speaks of him the company management. “Attentive, responsive» that how his colleagues characterize him. He has authority in his collective; he is initiative and adhering to principles.

Konushkin A.G. 1973   Team led by Konushkin Anatoly Grigoryevich was repeatedly among the best teams. In Soviet times, his team more than once became the winner of socialist competition.

   For his many years of work Anatoly Grigoryevich was marked by Certificates of Appreciation and Acknowledgements. April 11, 1984 Konushkin Anatoly for long and faultless work was awarded with the medal “Veteran of Labor”.

   Anatoly Grigoryevich took an active part in a great number of projects under construction as at the metallurgical enterprise, and in the sphere of urban construction.  Especially it is worth mentioning such objects as blast furnaces, rolling shops, power networks of metallurgical enterprise, residence buildings, social and cultural facilities.  Anatoly Grigoryevich was marked not only at his company, for example, by the order of Kazmetallurgstroy Trust from 26.12.1978 Anatoly was recorded in the Book of Honor of tin plate complex construction, earlier in 03.28.1976 he was awarded with Labor Red Banner for active participation in construction of Blast Furnace  №4 and Sinter Plant №2.

   In his working career Anatoly Grigoryevich generated many innovation proposals. In 1972 it was proposed the rationalization proposal №61 «Changing the lighting cable routes of ventilation and cable tunnels of main step down substation 8 in Cold Rolling Shop», and in 1976 Anatoly Grigoryevich improved the installation process of reactors in the main step down substation of Oxygen station №2 in the current JSC «ArcelorMittal Temirtau». And it is far from to be an exhaustive list. These proposals gave significant economic effect and allowed electricians to perform work more quickly, with less physical strength. But all this is only dry official information, opinions of those, who work with Anatoly Grigoryevich are much more important. Colleagues say about him as a true professional, erudite, talented person and just as kind-hearted man.

With unusual anniversary, Anatoly Grigoryevich! Long years of life and ministry to labor love!